Ravissant Women

Ravissant - French word for ravishing, delightful, beautiful woman. Our Women’s Ministry, headed by Lady Shantel, is geared to equip women of all walks of life to fulfill their God-ordained purpose. Women are encouraged to walk in God’s perfect will for their lives - Living in Divine Perfection: Spirit, Soul & Body and in the Shalom of God, where there is nothing missing, nothing broken, and in wholeness.

Spirit – We are all God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus….Ravissant Women are women who embrace the ‘Work of the Holy Spirit’ in their lives-allowing Him to transform them from the inside out. Giving them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for the spirit of mourning! They live a Consecrated life of prayer, praise, worship, purity, and purpose.

Soul – The mind, will, and emotions can sometimes be a roller coaster of thoughts, ideas, dreams and aspirations. Ravissant Women are admonished to mediate and confess the Word of God over their destiny daily--letting no corrupt communication come from their mouths. Thus, we constantly endeavor to renew our minds with the Word of God.

Body – As Ravissant Women, we recognize our bodies are the ‘Temple of the Holy Spirit.’ As the Holy Spirit works on the inside, we also have to do our part with what’s on the outside. We are committed to adorning ourselves with proper attire, being well groomed and poised as we are daughters of a King! It is also important that we fuel our bodies with proper nutrition and exercise regularly to ensure strength and longevity as we perform God’s Will.

Ravissant Women meet once per month for prayer and bible study and also hold an annual conference.

Teen Pregnancy

Mentor program for teenage mothers on how to cope with shame and rejection, how to continue with their education, how to establish a vision or set goals for their life, and how to become responsible and avoid a reoccurrence of the same predicament.

Women In Distress

Help women who are distressed, abused, battered, and/or neglected learn how to deal with their challenges and move forward in life.